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Hygge (pronounced: hue-guh) Danish for a sense of coziness, well-being, and contentment.


We live in the Age of Information, and the information can be overwhelming! Throw in a few handfuls of disinformation and misinformation on the pile, and you have a real cobweb of confusion. Everywhere you look, everyone, you talk to has their version of the truth. Little bits of data harvested from here and there paints an abstract picture of reality. It sends us down dead ends and dark alleys, and worst of all, it keeps us stuck. 


Working with a Health Coach is a powerful way to shift away from those cobwebs and towards one of real health and happiness. It’s a unique process that seeks to find root causes, understanding that symptoms are only a signal that something is out of whack. A Health Coach is a guide who provides support and accountability, educates, and helps unveil invaluable insights, and gives actionable advice. 


Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching includes, but also goes beyond nutrition; it examines all the cornerstones of health and wellness. Each individual has unique needs and goals, as well as biology. INHC is not a one size fits all program; it’s completely customized to your personal goals and desires.


Why is it important?


Our health care system is really a sick care system. Most chronic illnesses are preventable and, in some cases, even reversible. Health coaching works from a preventative care perspective. It can also serve as the perfect bridge between you and your medical professional by creating a powerful partnership whereby your good health is the common goal. 


What it’s not.


Health coaches are not medical doctors or registered dietitians. In many ways, this gives us considerable latitude to work with our clients, as we are free to problem solve outside of convention. We do not, however, work with individuals who have a serious illness. At that point, we cannot coach without the supervision of a physician. 

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