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Disclaimer Notice



Before engaging with this website, it's crucial that you read and understand this disclaimer.

Your engagement with indicates your full acceptance of this disclaimer. "You" refers to anyone who views or uses our Website.


Should you disagree with any section of this disclaimer, you are advised against using and any connected websites, properties, or companies. Note that we may update these terms at any point, and it's your responsibility to review them periodically for any changes. Continuing to use this site after updates signifies your agreement to those changes, reviewed or not.


The content on is primarily based on the author's perspective unless stated otherwise. The aim is to inspire readers to consider their health and nutrition choices independently, following consultation with their healthcare provider. The author does not claim to be a medical professional of any kind, including but not limited to doctors, nurses, or dietitians.


We strongly urge you to seek medical advice for health changes, particularly those pertaining to specific diagnoses or conditions. This site is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Rather, it should be seen as a source of information to complement, not replace, the advice of your healthcare provider.



By accessing this website, you acknowledge your responsibility for your health choices. Discussions or mentions of food or supplements and their potential health benefits are not endorsed by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are not aimed at diagnosing, treating, preventing, or curing any illness.



You pledge to present information accurately to us via our Website. You acknowledge that your engagement with our website is voluntary, and you alone are responsible for your decisions, actions, and outcomes, now and in the future. You agree to bear the consequences of your actions or inactions based on the information provided by this Website, exercising your own judgment in applying any suggestions or recommendations to your life, family, or business.



While I am here to support and guide you toward your goals, your achievement depends on your personal dedication, effort, and persistence. I cannot foresee nor guarantee specific outcomes, as results vary from person to person based on unique factors. You acknowledge that there are no assured outcomes from using this website's information.



As with any endeavor, unknown risks may arise during your use of my Website that could not have been anticipated, possibly affecting your results. You accept the risk of any advice or suggestion from my Website, understanding the minimal but present risk of illness, injury, or even death, and you agree to take full responsibility for these risks.



While we strive for accuracy, the information on our Website may occasionally contain errors or inaccuracies. You agree that we are not liable for the accuracy of information nor for any errors or omissions that may occur.



Mentioning or linking to any other individual, business, or entity's information, advice, products, or services does not imply my endorsement. My sharing of information is for your benefit and does not make me responsible for the content you encounter through such links. Furthermore, any appearance of my Website's link in another's offerings does not imply my endorsement of them.



By using this Website, you agree to all parts of the above disclaimer. Should you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please reach out to us at

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